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RV Repair

We know owning an RV is not always sunshine and roses.  Things happen and usually at the worst time like when you are on the road.  



You can bring your camper to us or we will come to you!   Our RV technicians are certified in all aspects of camper repair.  We will do our very best to get you back on the road!

RV Service

A little service and maintenance can go a long way to keep your camper running in tip-top shape and can help avoid costly repairs in the long run.  

Services We Offer: 

  • Camper winterizations and de-winterizations

  • Air Conditioner modifications and tune-ups to improve efficiency

  • Air Conditioner service and repairs

  • Refrigerator service and tune-ups

  • Hot water heater tune-ups

  • Furnace service and tune-ups

  • Plumbing system tune-ups

  • Sewer tank clean-outs

  • ​Roof replacements and maintenance

Need help with something else, just ask!  We offer many other services and we are here to help. 




"In the middle of winter our heater broke and I called Kevin and he came right away to see if he could fix it. We ordered the part and as soon as it came in, Kevin picked it up and came to fix the heater. Everyone else I talked to out me off for a week or so and we were freezing! Kevin came right away and made us a priority. He was very kind and patient and we appreciated him so much. Thank you Kevin, you are a hero!!"


"We were on our cross country bucket list tour when our AC kicked the bucket.  Kevin answered the phone and came out here (45 min away from him) the same day. He was extremely responsive, professional and thorough. He was able to diagnose the problem the same day.  We couldn’t be happier with our service.  Thanks so much Kevin!"


"On an RV trip from Florida , our hot water heater went out .  This young businessman is tops. Very honest , upfront , cordial & friendly….and professionally competent. Kevin went out of his way to locate me right away , diagnose the problem and fix it. And he did it at a very reasonable price.  Kevin really helped us and I highly recommend his business and service.  I very much appreciate Quality Service oriented businesses such as this. Thank you Kevin"

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