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In order to provide the best rv rental experience for our customers, we want to be up front regarding our rules and policies so there are no surprises while you are on  your vacation.  See below for our rules and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  We understand that sometimes things happen and we will work through any issues that may arise with you. 


We are here to help! 

In addition to the terms of the rental contract:

All drivers of the units must be at least 25 years old and must be listed on the reservation when you pick up the unit. Drivers must also pass the driver verification check.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


Unless you select to add cleaning with your reservation, the unit must be returned in the same condition in which you received it.  This means the inside and outside of the unit must be cleaned.  A cleaned unit means there is no evidence of people or dogs in the unit. Kodiak will provide cleaning supplies for you to clean the unit. If the unit is returned and Kodiak need to do additional cleaning, a fee of $55 per hour will be applied to your reservation.

If you are paying for Kodiak to clean the unit, please add that to your reservation before you pick up the unit.  The cleaning fee is $55 per hour. If you pay for cleaning, the unit does not have to be returned clean, however it cannot be “trashed” or dirty beyond what is reasonable for a vacation.  This may result in a higher cleaning fee due to the time it takes to clean the unit.

Waste Holding Tanks: 

Waste holding tanks must be emptied prior to return and valves left OPEN.  When you return the unit, we will close the valves which is our way of making sure the tanks are empty.  If the holding tank become clogged due to foreign objects, not enough water in tank, or using the wrong type of toilet paper (we provide two rolls of RV toilet paper for you), a minimum $250 sewer cleaning fee will be added to your reservation.  If you don’t want to dump the tanks yourself, you can pre-pay $55 for Kodiak to dump the waste tanks for you.  Returning with tank valves closed without pre-paying for dumping incurs a $55 dumping fee.

Pick-Up/Return Times:

Pick-up/delivery drop off times: between 2-5 pm

Return times: between 8-10 am

At the time of booking your trip, Kodiak will reach out to you and coordinate a pick-up and return time. We will contact you again about a week before your trip and then again 24 hours before your trip to confirm your reservation times. 

We can be flexible with pick-up and return times depending on other reservations before and after your trip.  If you are trying to leave early in the morning for your trip, we recommending booking the night before so you can pack the night before and hit the road first thing in the morning. 

We also offer early departure/late return to allow you to pick up as early as 8 am or drop off as late as 6 pm (depending on availability).  If you are looking at this option, please contact Kodiak so we can coordinate with you (additional fees may apply).

We can have a tight schedule with RV’s coming and going, so we would ask that you stick to your pick-up and return times.  If you are going to be early or late, let us know ASAP.  If you are going to be late, that may push you to the last reservation of the day. 

Late Fees: If you are late picking up the RV or arriving at the delivery location late, a $40 per half hour late fee may be assessed.  The same late fee may be assessed for returning the RV late or if the RV is not ready to be picked up from the delivery location.  You will also be responsible for the cost of any canceled rentals or compensation given to the customer who was delayed due to your late return.

​No Refunds for Early Returns: 

If for any reason you have to return the unit early, we do not offer a refund for the remaining days of your reservation.​

No Smoking or drugs of Any Kind: 

Smoking or vaping (including cigars, pipes, drugs, etc) in the unit forfeits your entire security deposit!  Any evidence of the storage, transportation, or use of illegal substances will forfeit your entire security deposit.  Units returned with any evidence of drug use or transportation will result in law enforcement being called for a report and to collect the evidence.  If you lose your security deposit due to damage to the unit, you will be charged an additional fee up to $1,000 for smoking in a unit or for a deep cleaning of the unit to keep our next customer safe.  DO NOT smoke or use drugs in one of our units!  It is extremely hard for us to get the smell out! 


We only allow up to two dogs per unit (no cats or other animals).  Our dogs are a huge part of our lives and love adventures as much as we do.  You can bring your dog/s with you for a $35 fee per reservation.  The dogs must be well behaved.  For the safety of your dog, and your security deposit, do not leave your dog in the unit unattended.

Before the unit is returned to Kodiak, it must be cleaned of all evidence of the dog, including dog hair.  If Kodiak finds evidence of a dog when the renter did not pay the dog fee, the dog fee of $35 will be added to your reservation.  Any additional cleaning Kodiak must do to the unit to remove pet evidence will be charged at $55 per hour. You may love dogs, but the next renter may not.  Any damage done by any dog during the rental period will be paid for by the renter.


Tow Behind Trailer Mileage: Unlimited miles are included in your nightly rental.

Mileage Overage for Driving Units: 100 miles per night are included in the nightly rental. The mileage is averaged over your entire trip. For example, a 10-night trip would have 1000 free miles included. Additional mileage will be charged at $0.49 per mile.  At the time of booking, please specify your estimated mileage to be driven and that amount will be added to your reservation.  At the end of your trip, we will reconcile your mileage and issue a credit for unused mileage or add a charge for any mileage overages.

​Toll Roads, Red Light Cameras, Parking Tickets, etc.: 

More and more toll roads are now mailing toll invoices based on license plates.  During your travels, if you come across a toll road where this is the case, please let us know!  If you receive a ticket or go through a toll road, letting Kodiak know ahead of time will waive the $55 administrative fee.  Responsibility for traffic and parking violations will be transferred to you.

Parking tickets, mailed violations, and toll invoices can be major burden if we are not made aware of them ahead of time, therefore a $55 administrate fee will apply per item.



Tow-Behind Units:  We provide full propane tank/s on each tow-behind trailer rental.  Usage of this propane is included in your prep fee.  Any additional propane would be the renter’s responsibility.  Renter does not need to refill propane tanks before returning the unit to Kodiak.

Driving Units: Driving units will go out with a full propane tank and a full fuel tank.  Upon return, the propane and fuel tank need to be full.  If you would like to have Kodiak do this for you, please let us know ahead of time.  If the tanks are not full upon return, or if you would like for Kodiak to take care of this for you, a $55 administrative fee will be added to your reservation plus the cost of the fuel/propane.

Awning Usage:

Awning usage is prohibited!  The slightest breeze can bend an awning arm or rip the awning off the camper.  A slightly bent awning arm starts at $500 to replace.  Any unit that has an awning installed the awning has been disconnected.

Travel Restrictions:

Absolutely no travel outside of the continental US!

All units are GPS tracked.

Off-Road Travel:

Driving and Tow-Behind RVs – RV’s are not designed to go off road and are not built to withstand this type of travel.  RV’s have low ground clearance and are prone to damages.  Well maintained county roads are ok but you must travel slowly to prevent damages.  Renter is responsible for any damages due to vibrations on dirt roads, hitting obstructions, and scraping the bottom of the units.  Kodiak highly recommends not going off paved roads.   

Festivals and Gatherings: 

Any festivals or large gatherings must be pre-approved by Kodiak.  Please let us know your plans.  If you do not let Kodiak know, you may forfeit your entire security deposit and renter will be responsible for all damages and any cleaning fees incurred by Kodiak.

Winter Travel: 

All units that have water storage will be winterized from November 1st to April 1st.  Please contact Kodiak if wanting water in a unit during this time period.  We take every reservation during this time on a case-by-case bases.

Freezing Weather: If you operate a unit in freezing weather, it is your responsibility to have a certified RV technician winterize and drain the water lines to prevent freezing after rental or before a damage would occur due to freezing weather.  Renter must provide Kodiak a receipt for this service.  Renter is responsible for any freeze damage that occurs to the unit.

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